"A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" Opens in Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea


On March 5, the Jinan International Communication Center opened the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" in Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. This unveiling not only promotes cultural exchanges between China and South Korea but also plays a role in further deepening friendship between the two peoples.

Cheongyang-gun is located in the central area of Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, with fresh air, sunshine, and clear water, earning the reputation of being the "first clean area in South Korea," with the evergreen Sajak Mountain situated here. The agricultural products produced in Cheongyang-gun have unique flavors and aromas, beloved by consumers in major cities. The establishment of the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" in Cheongyang-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, undoubtedly adds an intense cultural color to this land. It serves as a bridge to deepen cultural exchanges between the two countries, playing an important and far-reaching role in promoting mutual understanding and communication between China and South Korea.

At the unveiling ceremony, Jinan City presented Cheongyang-gun with a carefully selected batch of cultural works, including books showcasing the charm of Jinan, calligraphy works by renowned Calligrapher Zhao Xincheng from Jinan, which embodying profound cultural heritage, as well as a wide variety of postcards and intangible cultural heritage creative artworks. These works not only showcase the unique charm of Jinan but also carry the deep friendship between Jinan and Cheongyang-gun, serving as an important bridge for Korean youth to understand Jinan's culture and enhance cultural exchanges between China and South Korea.

The "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" is a new platform for exchange and cooperation between China and South Korea, promoting both the "going out" of Chinese culture and the "introduction" of foreign culture, facilitating the common development of Chinese and foreign cultures. The establishment of the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" in Cheongyang-gun, South Korea, not only provides Korean readers with a window to understand Chinese culture but also builds a new platform for mutual understanding and learning between China and South Korea. Through this platform, outstanding traditional Chinese culture, modern civilization achievements, and the distinctive Qilu culture of Shandong will be widely disseminated in South Korea, enhancing the Korean people's understanding and recognition of China and promoting mutual learning and common development of culture between China and South Korea.

After establishing the Nishan Library, it will provide Chinese books suitable for Korean readers’ needs and reading habits, further promoting the global spread of Qilu culture and cultural exchanges and mutual learning among countries along the "Belt and Road." In addition, the Nishan Library will regularly hold various cultural activities such as exhibitions, documentary screenings, and book clubs to attract more Korean people to participate and intuitively experience Chinese culture’s charm. Through these activities, the friendship and understanding between the people of China and South Korea will be further deepened, injecting new vitality into developing friendly relations between the two places. In the future, we have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, the "A Glimpse of Chinese Culture · Nishan Library" will become a flagship of cultural exchange between China and South Korea, leading the artistic relationship between Jinan and Cheongyang-gun to continue to advance.

As the first regional international communication center in Shandong Province, Jinan International Communication Center is an important part of Jinan’s construction of the overall pattern of external communication and a key measure to strengthen soft power construction. Since its establishment, the center has actively built a "global communication matrix," bringing global social interaction to Jinan. The center established international communication channels such as overseas media and overseas social media platforms, constructed three significant matrices for external communication, and built bridges for communication with the world.

As the overseas communication outpost and front line of our city, the Jinan International Communication Center has currently established nine overseas branches or liaison stations in cities related to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Egypt, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Using this as a bond, the center actively conducts "Overseas Friends" external publicity, organizing and planning over 20 overseas cultural exchange activities such as photography exhibitions, dance competitions, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, calligraphy exchanges, and art festivals. Nearly 30 theme series activities, such as “Leyuan Forum · Dialogue by the Baotu Spring” and “Daming Lake Forum · Jinan in the Eyes of Overseas Jinan City Referrers,” have been held in Jinan, effectively enhancing Jinan's international reputation. International friends from the United States, Russia, Canada, Morocco, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Egypt, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries have been invited to experience Jinan's historical humanities, intangible heritage craftsmanship, economic development, drama literature, etc., closely, carrying out the "Roaming and Reading Jinan, Shandong" series of activities over 60 times. Jinan, this millennium-old city, plays the "symphony" of new-era international communication, constantly refreshing the "impression of the city of springs" for the world.

(Li Xiaotong; Hua Shan; Gong Lili; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liu Xiaohan; Lou Xinyu; Xu Jiayi; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Yuan Yaning; Yang Yang; Chong Yaqi; Han Wenzhi; Wang Xi; Zhang Kaiyang; Wang Yuquan; Zhou Yiru; Zhou Nan; Zhang Xun; Liu Qianying; Chen Zeyu; Li Ziyue)

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