"Cultural Communication: Co-Creation and Sharing!" Jinan International Communication Center was awarded as "Excellent Partner in the International Communication of Chinese Culture"


Recently, the "Cultural Communication: Co-Creation and Sharing Seminar" was successfully held in Beijing. Jinan International Communication Center was recognized as an "Excellent Partner in the International Communication of Chinese Culture." The event attracted more than twenty experts, scholars, and practitioners from various fields to explore the current status and future of Chinese culture’s international communication. Among them, Jinan International Communication Center participated in the roundtable discussion, delving into the topic of "How Institutions Promote Cultural Communication," and shared their experiences and insights from the perspectives of local cultural symbols, media transformation, and innovative models.


The seminar aimed to build an equal and open platform for promoting the international communication of Chinese culture. Through creative sharing, idea communication, and content cooperation, participants jointly explored effective pathways for "pooling social resources to promote the overseas dissemination of Chinese culture." During the thematic discussions, several guests delivered splendid speeches, sharing their unique insights and valuable experiences on cultural communication.


In the current context of globalization, only through sharing and co-creation can Chinese culture better engage with cultures worldwide, facilitating exchange and mutual learning. In the age of information, we need to continuously innovate international communication methods to adapt to rapidly changing market demands. By strengthening cultural exchanges and mutual learning with other countries, we can continuously enhance the international influence of Chinese culture.


The seminar also featured special awards for "Outstanding New Partners in the International Communication of Chinese Culture" and "Excellent Partners in the International Communication of Chinese Culture" to acknowledge institutions and individuals who have contributed to the international communication of Chinese culture through co-creation and sharing mechanisms. Finally, Jinan International Communication Center presented a "Gift from Jinan" - the calligraphy work "Looking at Mount Tai" by Zhao Xincheng, Vice Chairman of the Jinan Youth Calligraphy Association. Using literature to make friends and calligraphy as a medium, this poem from Shandong and calligraphy from the City of Springs serve as "messengers" of cultural exchange between China and the world, connecting every Chinese culture disseminator present with their most profound love for traditional culture.

(Li Xiaotong; Hua Shan; Gong Lili; Yuan Yuhua; Hou Yawen; Liu Xiaohan; Lou Xinyu; Han Wenzhi; Wang Xi; Yang Yang; Xu Jiayi; Liu Lu; Chong Yaqi; Li Ziyue; Chen Zeyu; Liu Qianying; Zhang Kaiyang; Wang Yuquan; Zhou Yiru; Li Jiayin; Zhang Juanyi; Zhou Nan; Zhang Xun)

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